10 6 / 2013

This upcoming weekend I’m heading to a nontraditional wedding with my boyfriend’s family. I was told to dress more casually because the bride is wearing pants and Chucks. I was also told that both the wedding and reception will take place at the bride’s dad’s house. 

This got me thinking that nontraditional weddings may be the way to go for someone who hasn’t dreamed of her wedding ever since she was a little girl. AKA- someone like me. Here are some of my pros to having a nontraditional wedding ceremony:

1. Intimate Gathering
I’ve never been one to make sure I’m the center of attention so a nontraditional wedding that might take place at relative’s house would be perfect for me. I’d still get to enjoy the celebration with my loved ones, just without the added pressure that venues can give.

2. Casual Attire
I don’t want my friends and family to feel like that have to go out and buy fancy new clothes just to come to my wedding, unless they really want to, which makes me love the laid back feel of nontraditional weddings.

3. Uniqueness
I want my wedding to be tailored to me and my fiancé so I want the freedom to put whatever I want into it. To me, traditional weddings can sometimes get too monotonous and I want my wedding to be something of its own.

4. Inexpensive
The cost of a wedding and reception venue can be astronomical so being able to use that budgeted money toward something else that I really enjoy, like an amazing band or a better bar, would be ideal.

All this being said- nontraditional weddings aren’t for everyone and the traditional route may be exactly what you’ve been dreaming of your entire life. So here’s the million dollar question: Nontraditional Weddings- Yay or Nay?



19 1 / 2012

It seems that most weddings include some sort of extra lighting in some way, shape, or form. Here are my top 4 favorite lighting options for weddings.

1. Sky Lanterns

At the end of the night they can be passed out and you make a wish on them and send them on their way into the night sky creating a gorgeous scene.

Sky Lanterns 

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10 1 / 2012

These pictures are of our client, Laura, on her big day. I absolutely love the top picture, it really shows how technology has evolved. Five people are capturing this moment each from a different perspective. Amazeballs! 

We hope to see many more pictures of happy clients celebrating their special day this year!



(Source: girlphotography.info)