31 5 / 2012

I’ve been thinking recently about how many people at some point or another will be involved in planning some sort of shower. I’ve planned a few bridal showers, but I’ve recently been asked to help plan a baby shower. I’m so used to the usual bridal shower games, decorations, and I have tons of themes racked up in my brain. Now that I’m planning for a baby shower, all of my ideas have been thrown out the window. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect theme for this shower and I wanted to share my two faves and get your opinion on which direction I should head in (BTW, it’s a GIRL!)

1. Lollipops and Pinwheels

The reason I like this theme so much is that you have so many options with the colors. It could be in any location and you could make it fit in. I found a great tutorials for the pinwheels too! (Click here)

 lollipop cookies invites  

2. Buttons and Bows 

This is a cute and girly theme. I found a recipe by Martha Stewart for making the button sugar cookies (click here), and I’d probably use the same recipe for the bow cookies, just find a cute cookie cutter.


Help me out and let me know which theme you think I should choose!