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In honor of the 4th of July, we wanted to acknowledge a military couple that’s very important to us. Tracey and Nick are both a part of the US Marine Corps and just recently tied the knot. Here’s their story!

The Bride- Tracey LoughnerimagePhoto Cred: Emily Alane Photography 

When did you join the Marines?
I signed my name on that dotted line when I was 17 years old and a senior in high school with no doubt in my mind that joining the Marines was my calling. I left for boot camp in September of 2009 one day after my 18th birthday.image

Why did you join the Marines?
Since I was a child, I had my heart set on joining the military because of how I was raised. I was raised by a patriotic and selfless family who taught me day in and day out that we are blessed to have the freedoms that we do here in America, and that these freedoms are defended by the brave men and woman in uniform. To be honest, I was influenced to join the Marines specifically when my late uncle Gary found out I wanted to be in the military. I always looked up to him and when he told me that he’d kick my ass if I joined any other branch, I knew that one day I would earn the title of Marine. My Uncle was a Marine and so was his son, Joe who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I wanted to be like my uncle and cousin because they were tough and proud.image

What is your position in the Marines?
As of July 1st, I am no longer an active duty Marine, but you know what they say, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” I was in for just short of 5 years, but I worked as a signal intelligence analyst. I deployed to Afghanistan and was also fortunate to travel to Japan, Alaska, Texas, and Florida while I was active duty.imagePhoto cred: Emily Alane Photography 

How did you meet Nick?
My husband and I met in February of 2010 at a training school for our job down in Pensacola, Florida. Fate had it be that he and I would join around the same time and qualify for the same job :) And luckily upon graduation from training, we were both stationed in bases in North Carolina only an hour apart.image

Why did you choose to have your wedding on your base?
With our hectic schedules at the time (both being active duty), it was convenient to plan and prepare for a wedding at a venue near us. We also wanted to make it easy for our fellow Marines to be able to attend and be apart of our big day.image

Was it important to include some military aspects in your wedding?
It was Nick’s decision to wear his dress blue alpha uniform and we decided to ask the groomsmen who were currently in the military to wear their uniforms as well. This was simply because we take great pride in being apart of the nation’s finest fighting force and it is an honor to wear the uniform and serve our country.imagePhoto Cred: Emily Alane Photography 

What are your plans for the future in regards to the Marines? 
Though my service in the Marine Corps has come to an end, I plan to whole-heartedly support and encourage Nick through all that he faces while continuing to serve in the military.imagePhoto Cred: Emily Alane Photography 

The Groom- Nick Loughner

When did you join the Marines?
I joined June of 2008 at 17 and went to basic training July of 2009.

Why did you join the Marines?
I joined the Marines for several reasons. Serving in the Marine Corps is a family tradition, but most importantly I feel that defending the freedoms of Americans is more important than my own well being and I am willing to give my life for that.imagePhoto Cred: Emily Alane Photography 

What is your position in the Marines?
I am currently a Platoon Sergeant for a Signals Intelligence Reconnaissance unit.image

What is your opinion on young marriages that often occur in the military?
In my honest opinion, young marriages in the military occur because of the government incentives that are provided for married military members. Few military members enter wedlock with the complete respect and understanding of what marriage stands for. But, those who do respect the institution of marriage who serve in the military have the strongest bonds in society. I personally have spent countless months away from my spouse, in combat zones and without communication for weeks. These circumstances have only made our relationship stronger. We have a level of love, trust, and dependency that most people will never have the opportunity to develop.image

What are your plans for the future?
I plan on attending an advanced training program for my job field followed by entering the special operations community. My intentions are to receive a commission as an Officer and retire from the Marine Corps.imagePhoto Cred: Waddell Photography 

Thank you Nick & Tracey, and every other couple in the armed services, for dedicating your lives to keeping our country free and safe. Happy Independence Day from all of us at Wedit!

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Groom’s cakes have been popular in the south for quite a while, but have been gaining popularity across America. According to WeddingChannel.com, this cake is intended to be a gift from the bride to the groom. It can either be served at the rehearsal dinner or boxed up and given away to guests at the wedding. The cake is usually themed with one of the groom’s interests or hobbies. Personally, I like the idea of surprising your soon-to-be-hubby with a cake that is designed just for him, especially because let’s face it, the wedding is usually centered around the bride. Here are some of my favorite groom’s cakes I’ve seen.

Tiger's Groom's Cake 

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