29 3 / 2012

Dear Brett,

I’m getting married this fall and am in the full swing of planning my wedding. I had a vision of exactly how I wanted my wedding to be and it’s turning out to be the exact opposite. My dad is paying for the entire wedding and because of that he has a say in everything that happens. My reception is at a hall I don’t really like and now instead of the 150 people I wanted, he’s upped the guest list to almost 400. I don’t even know some of the people that are going to be at my wedding. What am I supposed to do? I don’t really know how to handle this because I’m not the one who’s paying for any of this.

Brett’s Take

Dear Daddy’s Little Girl, 

I totally understand where you’re coming from. Your idea of a dream wedding has been replaced by a probably also awesome free wedding. That’s rough. 

It’s important that you’re staying focused on what’s important though…the venue and guest list. I only know about 1 million other brides who would love to have a giant budget for their wedding. I actually know brides who would sell seats to their wedding to get a little extra money. 

Consider yourself lucky your dad foots the bill and you get all the presents. You will actually walk away from your wedding having more money than before. That almost never happens. Sure, you’ll have to endure your Dad’s boss awkwardly wishing you congrats, while you’re thinking “Who the F*** is this guy?” Yes, your 4th cousin on your Mom’s side will puke all over the dance floor, but hey that just adds a little color to what would otherwise be a boring wedding. 

Moral of the story, if you feel like your losing control of your “dream wedding” then pay for it yourself and have it in a barn (not one of those cool old barns) and serve beer in a can and hot dogs. 

Thank me later,


Sarah’s Take

I know Brett can get a little riled up sometimes (believe me I sit next to him all day everyday!), but he does make a good point here. If you’re not throwing your hard earned cash into the mix then he technically has a say over every penny that goes into this wedding. I guess being spoiled has it’s downfalls…as minuscule as they may be.

Try to enjoy the planning because I’m sure your wedding will be a grand affair!