02 2 / 2012

Marla Aufmuth takes a different approach to wedding photography than many others. Her goal is to capture your special day in a candid and unique way. As she puts it, “While traditional wedding photography captures the polished and posed form, my intention is to capture the simplicity, sentiment, and subtle magnificence of each wedding. I document the smaller, more personal instances, the casual interactions, and the deeper sentiments beneath the poised smiles and classic portraiture.”

Our wonderful clients, Michele and Tony, used Marla for their special day and the photos are priceless.


Michele wore an orange gown with a lace gown overlaying it. It fit her style and showed just the perfect amount of orange through the gown.


I’ve always liked the trend of bridesmaids wearing all different dresses, but this is the first time I’ve seen groomsmen taking on that trend, and I like it.


Looks like it was a wonderful event full of fun, family, and friends. Photos are a keepsake that will last forever, and Marla really does such a wonderful job of capturing each couples’ personality and style in each shot she takes. To check out all of her work, click here.