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This past May I graduated from the best university in the entire world, AKA Michigan State University. I spent my favorite four years of my life there making life-long friends, trying new experiences, learning new things- sometimes even in class— I did it all. As great as MSU is, it costs an arm and a leg to attend so I came out with loans on loans on loans. This forced me to move back in with my parents or live in a box on the side of the road and after much debate, I chose the former. Being back at home is great because my mommy makes my food for me, and my parents don’t make me pay rent. The bad part is my boredom level has gone through the roof.

I’ve found that without my friends within steps of me, I don’t really know what my passions in life are. I played soccer competitively until my junior year at MSU and have unfortunately been lost without it ever since. Whenever I got bored or lost at school, I would just walk two feet to my roommate’s room and hang out with her, but that’s no longer an option. I am now committed to finding my true passion in life, because I don’t think binge watching Game of Thrones is going to last too long. Follow me on this journey to discover my reason for existence— or at least something that I find I love.

Up first: figuring out a FUN way to exercise that isn’t competitive soccer. We’ll see what happens!



Jenna Myles

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This refreshing cocktail could be the hit at your next party or a great signature drink at your summer wedding!

Watermelon Gin Fizz 


  • cup(s) diced watermelon, divided
  • ounce(s) gin, divided
  • tablespoon(s) lime juice, divided
  • 1 1/3 cup(s) ginger ale, divided
  • Lime, Mint or Watermelon to garnish


  1. Freeze 1 cup watermelon for garnish. Puree the remaining 4 cups watermelon. Strain; divide the juice among 4 ice-filled glasses.
  2. Top each with 1 1/2 ounces gin, 2 tablespoons lime juice, and 1/3 cup ginger ale. Garnish with your topping of choice.

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In honor of the World Cup and the coming together of nations across the globe, I thought it would be a good time to examine wedding traditions from all over. Some of these traditions make sense, while others are just wacky!

The dress is the focal point of a Cuban wedding. The bigger and poofier, the better!

In Germany, it’s all about budgeting. It is said that when a girl is first born, trees are planted in her honor. As the girl grows up and prepares to marry, the trees are sold to help pay for her wedding.

Indian weddings are extravagant events that last for days, between all of the rituals and ceremonies. The bride, as well as her female family and friends, paint their hands and feet with intricate henna designs.image

Japanese brides also paint their bodies, but they are painted white from head to toe to symbolize being pure. These brides go through many outfit changes during their reception. After starting in a white kimono, they then change into a red kimono, and later change into a Western-style dress.

Guests at a Malaysian ceremony just may receive a decorated hard-boiled egg at the reception. This is meant to symbolize fertility, which Malaysian weddings center around.

The traditional wedding cake in Norway is quite different from those you see in the US. The Norwegian wedding cake, called kransekake, is made of bread and topped with cheese, cream and syrup. image

In Peru, charms are attached to ribbons and tucked underneath layers of the wedding cake. Before the bride and groom cut their cake, each of the single female guests pulls a ribbon. The guest who pulls the ribbon with a fake wedding ring attached to the end is said to be the next to marry. Their own version of a bouquet toss!

South Korean grooms have their feet beaten before they can leave with their bride. Yes, really! His groomsmen and friends remove his socks and shoes, bound his ankles and beat his feet with either a stick, cane or dried fish.

A Swedish bride puts a gold coin from her father in her right shoe and a silver coin from her mother in her left shoe. This is done to guarantee she will never go without. Another Swedish tradition says that if the groom leaves the room for any reason, any other man at the wedding is allowed to kiss the bride, and vice versa if the bride leaves the room!

Bridesmaids are usually very young in weddings that take place in the United Kingdom. For example, Princess Diana’s bridesmaids ranged in age from 17 down to 5!

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For those of you who don’t know me, I have a strong passion for movies. There is just something magical about it that can’t be explained. I also enjoy the art of pastries.  Today I wanted to give you a great movie night idea.

Even a Netflix date night can be taken up to the next level just by adding something like food to the mix. Below you will find the recipe for chocolate covered strawberries, a quick and easy snack treat that will take your movie night to the next level. 

You will need: 

1 lb. Fresh Strawberries

8 oz. 70% Dark Chocolate Chips or Baking (you can use Semi-Sweet if you prefer)

4 oz. White Baking Chocolate (optional)


First, wash and dry your strawberries. Next, melt your chocolate by placing it in a microwave safe bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds then remove and stir with a spatula. Repeat this step for 10 second intervals until chocolate is melted. Do the same thing for the white chocolate (if you are using it). You can also use a double boiler to melt your chocolate.

Now it’s time to dip! Be sure to have a baking tray lined with parchment paper, as you will need somewhere to set the strawberries once you dip.

Dip your strawberries covering about 75% of them from the bottom and let the excess chocolate drip off before setting them to the side to cool. Once you have finished covering the strawberries you can add the white chocolate to them or any other topping of your choice (sprinkles, graham crackers, or sugar crystals). Store strawberries in the fridge if you aren’t serving them immediately.

Now it’s time to choose a movie. Below you will see my suggestions for any kind of movie night you might be having.

The Emperor’s New Groove (85% Rotten Tomatoes)

This is one of my favorite Disney flicks. It has heart, laughs, and is full of the fun Disney is known for. Kronk, the villain’s sidekick, makes this movie memorable and adds tons of laughter. Whether you’re looking for something for the family to enjoy, or just want something animated, then this movie has got you covered.  

The Giant Mechanical Man (71% Rotten Tomatoes)

Jenna Fischer plays a woman down on her luck and out of work, who meets and eventually falls in love with a street performer played by Chris Messina. This is a great movie that shows love can happen anywhere. If you are in the mood for a love story, this will certainly warm your heart. 

Skyfall (92% Rotten Tomatoes)

With MI-6 under attack, its up to James Bond to track down and destroy the threat, no matter the costs. With Javier Bardem giving us a very sinister villain, you’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire film. There are no shortages of action and suspense.  

Stayed tuned as I will be writing more about the movies we fall in love with and the treats that your taste buds will thank you for.




- Justin 

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This series will be following the roller coaster ride that has been buying my first house and then turning it into a home.

The first step in deciding to purchase a house is deciding where it is that you want to live. There are quite a few factors to take into consideration such as the following.

  • Children- Do you have kids or are you planning on having them in the near future?
  • What type of home do you want? House, Condo, Apartment?
  • How far are you willing to commute?
  • Do you want a place that is walkable or are you okay with driving everywhere?
  • Do you want a lot of land or a small lot?
  • How many square feet do you want?

This is my first house so one of the most important factors to me was resale value. I wanted something that I could have as an investment and sell when I’m ready to do so. This means that I wanted a popular area with a good school district.

Once I decided on an area, I started listing out my needs and my wants.

My list of deal breakers was relatively short. My house had to have at least a 1 car garage, basement, at least one bathtub, and an area outside that either had a deck or somewhere to put one. Some of the things I wanted were a finished basement, 2 car garage, bungalow style, open floor plan, more than 1 bathroom, a deck off of the dining room.

After 13 offers and walking through over 100 houses, I finally found a house that met all of my necessary criteria as well as most of the checks on my list of wants.


I will soon be closing on my very first house and will begin the never-ending list of projects I have planned. Stay tuned for updates and projects on this new adventure of mine!



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Every other week, we will be introducing you to one of our amazing team members. 

This week, meet Justin, the video editor here at Wedit.


Hometown: Westland, MI

Favorite food: Crab cakes with a side of bacon

If I could meet one person (dead or alive), it would be: Theodore Roosevelt

Favorite quote: "A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin

I spend most of my free time doing this: Anything hockey related

The biggest item on my bucket list is: Kiss a girl underneath the Eiffel Tower

Hidden talent: Skilled pastry chef

If I could have any superpower, it would be: Health regeneration like Wolverine

In case you missed reading about our other team members…
Click here to read about Sarah

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Kim Kardashian tied the knot with Kanye West on May 24 in an extravagant fashion. I thought it’d be interesting to compare the ‘Kimye’ wedding to the Royal Wedding to see how the two stack up! 

The Dress

It seems that Kim may have taken a page out of Kate Middleton’s handbook when it came to choosing a wedding dress. Both brides opted for elegant, long-sleeved gowns. Kate wore an Alexander McQueen gown that cost $434,000 while Kim chose to wear a Givenchy gown costing approximately $500,000.


The Guests

Countless members of the royal family and foreign royal families were in attendance at Prince William and Kate’s wedding. Numerous dignitaries, members of government and parliament and representatives of the Church were also present. David and Victoria Beckham, Rowan Atkinson, film director Guy Ritchie, Elton John and singer Joss Stone also attended the royal wedding. Kim and Kanye’s wedding featured celebrities such as John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and LaLa Anthony, along with athletes Serena Williams and Carmelo Anthony and singer Lana Del Rey.

The Ring

The ring Kate wears was originally purchased in 1981 for Princess Diana. Prince Charles paid $60,000 for the 18-carat sapphire ring, but the ring is now valued at $500,000. Kim’s 15-carat ring is estimated to cost $1.25 million.


The Sister(s)

Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, skyrocketed to fame after her role in the Royal Wedding. Kim’s sisters and half-sisters, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie’s claim to fame is their reality show on E! 

The Venue

Prince William and Kate were married in Westminster Abbey, a venue that has a long history of hosting royal weddings. Both this venue and Buckingham Palace came without a price tag to the royal couple. Kim and Kanye chose to wed in Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy. Reportedly, the couple paid over $409,000 to rent this space.


Photos courtesy of E! Online

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Kristen & Adam are our featured couple of June
Be sure to read their story and watch their amazing highlight reel!
Adam, originally from Buffalo, NY played baseball for SUNY Cortland, works in finance as a sales director. I am an event planner for a law firm, born and raised in Beacon, NY and attended Florida State University. We were introduced by a mutual friend and had our first date at the all-so-classy, Brother Jimmy’s in New York City where we both moved after college. Adam proposed on top of our NYC apartment building and afterwards, led me to our favorite bar downstairs where all of our family and friends had been waiting to celebrate!! We had always known our wedding would be a destination wherever it was held, as our families are scattered all over the country. So, we decided to make a fun long weekend out of the celebration and head to Los Cabos, Mexico!!
There are a few reasons why we chose Wedit for our wedding. The first, we did not have a ‘traditional’ wedding so having a videographer crew there seemed a little too formal for us. Having a wedding weekend and getting married on the beach definitely sets a more relaxed scene and we wanted our video to capture this, and all of the fun little moments in between. Having each guest take a camera for the entire weekend not only captured our big day, but it also was a way for everyone to remember their vacation to Los Cabos. When everyone looks back on our wedding video they are not just watching our first dance or us cutting cake, but they are watching their awesome vacation as well. Also, we knew the group was small and having two cameramen in our guests’ faces would just make the party all the more awkward. Since everyone had the opportunity to meet one another in the days leading up to the wedding, they were familiar with each other by the of the reception so they were comfortable going up to each other video taping them and we feel we got more ‘real’ footage this way. We love having access to all of the raw footage. We did purchase the highlight reel and love how they were so quick to put something together, but we are looking forward to sharing these clips with all of our family and friends for years to come!
Thank you both for sharing your story! 

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Hi, Alex here. I am Wedit’s resident bump sporting employee. I thought our blog would be the perfect place to document my growing belly along with my growing family. With summer quickly approaching I wanted to make sure I could still look cute despite my growing waistline. Here are a few staples that any mom to be should have in her summer wardrobe.



Maxi Dress/ Skirt

These fashionable pieces are sure to grow along with you, and they are staples you will want to wear even after you are back to your pre baby body.

Flip flops

Sandals are great for your ever-swelling feet. Be sure they have good support to help your aching back. Invest in a pair rather than buying those rubber ones.

Bathing Suit

I personally love the women who are brave enough to sport their bumps in two-piece suits, but if that is not for you Target has some totally cute maternity suits like this to fit any style and comfort level.

Happy Shopping Moms to be!

Xoxo Alex & Baby Katz

16 Weeks

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Every other week, we will be introducing you to one of our amazing team members.

This week, meet Sarah, the CEO here at Wedit.


Hometown: White Lake, MI

Favorite food: Pizza

If I could meet one person (dead or alive), it would be: Coco Chanel

Favorite quote: "Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end."

I spend most of my free time doing this: Working out, Tigers games, BBQs, hanging out on the lake, online shopping

The biggest item on my bucket list: To go on an African safari

Hidden talent: I can paint my nails like a boss

If I could have any superpower, it would be: To be invisible

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to meet the rest of our team members!