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One great way for newlyweds to look back on their wedding is with a personalized guest book experience. Whether it’s something functional, something to decorate the walls or some other keepsake, these unique guest book ideas are sure to bring with them great memories and make more in the future!

1. Wine Bottle

Have your guests use a metallic marker to sign a bottle of wine. Then, enjoy the wine together on your first anniversary as you reminisce over your special day.


2. Polaroid Snapshots

Set up an empty photo album or scrapbook as your guest book, and leave a Polaroid camera for guests. After they snap a photo of themselves, they can place it in the book and leave a sweet message underneath.


3. Puzzle Pieces

Leave empty puzzle pieces out for your guests. After all the puzzle pieces are signed, you can assemble your puzzle and display it in your home!


4. Marriage Advice

Use the guest book as a way to get some awesome marriage advice from your guests. Have them leave a helpful hint or two for the newlyweds.


5. Guest Quilt

What better way for newlyweds to reminisce than by cozying up under their signed guest quilt? This is a true keepsake that will last forever!


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Whether you are planning a shower for a friend or just dreaming up ideas of your own, I found some inspiration that is sure to get that creativity flowing. Don’t be afraid to ditch any ideas you once had about gender specific colors and storks filling the room. Instead, open your mind to a sophisticated or fun spin on the traditional baby shower. Don’t leave out dad either! Having a coed shower is a wonderful way to incorporate all of the family and friends. Check out some baby shower themes below and to get more information on each idea click the photo.


I find this “little sailor” shower to be absolutely adorable.


It would be a blast to attend this rock star baby shower.


Not sold on those themes? No worries this site offers other suggestions on unconventional boys shower ideas.



I love how unexpected the red and black ladybug shower theme is for a little girl.


This sweet and sophisticated Breakfast at Tiffany’s shower would be such a classy way to celebrate the arrival of a girl.


For more inspiration on girl shower ideas click here

Gender Neutral

If you are unsure if the baby is a boy or a girl, check out this list of baby shower ideas that would be perfect for any gender neutral shower.

My personal favorites are the Bun in the Oven



Dr Seuss


With so many choices to select from you are sure to have a unique shower that is absolutely Pinterest worthy. Happy planning!

xoxo Alex & Baby Katz

35 Weeks

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Fall is the perfect time to get married! The colors, the cozy weather and all of the great decorations you can incorporate really make your special day the best. Check out this list of ten fun and fabulous ways to make your wedding the ultimate fall experience! 

1. Candles

Add a little bit of ambience and warmth to a crisp autumn wedding with candles. Place these on all of your tables to bring the mood of your big day to calm and cozy. A bonus is if you can find great fall-scented candles! 


2. Pumpkins

What would a fall wedding be without pumpkins? Use them to line the aisle or in place of flowers in your centerpieces. If you want to go a little further, paint cute sayings on your pumpkins or add glitter!


3. Caramel apples

These gooey, tasty treats are a staple of anyone’s fall diet. Turn it into a caramel apple bar and let people get as much or as little caramel as they want!


4. S’mores

Let your guests either choose gooey caramel apples or ultra gooey s’mores. This is also a great snack for your guests to take home at the end of the night.


5. Leaves

Leaves are subtle decorations that can be incorporated into many aspects of the wedding. Throw them in the air and have your magical moment caught on camera!


6. Pumpkin pie

These mini pumpkin pies are adorable and would make the perfect substitute for a wedding cake. 


7. Fall-inspired place cards

Get your guests in on the fall fun with tiny fall-inspired place cards. These will also add to the fall theme in your table decor! 


8. Altar

Make the perfect backdrop for your big moment with all of the best elements of fall. 


9. Wedding Cake

If you do want a wedding cake, you can use gorgeous oranges, browns and deep reds to make your cake fall-themed.


10. Guest Book

This type of guest book will look great in your home after the wedding is over.


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One place that never gets old to me no matter how many times I visit is Niagara Falls. I traveled there in the spring of 2013 and had the opportunity to experience new things in the city and see the Falls from all new angles.

The Journey Behind The Falls is a tour you can take that actually takes you down to the water level and lets you see Niagara Falls through cut-outs. The difference here is you are at ground level and behind the Falls, looking up at them. It’s one thing to see the rushing waterfalls, but it’s another to be that close and to see how powerful the water actually is. It made me appreciate all of courageous and crazy people that have gone over the Falls in barrels and other various objects!


From viewing the Falls from below to way above, the next day we ate dinner at the Skylon Tower in the Revolving Dining Room that sits at the top of the tower. The dining room literally revolves as you sit by the window and enjoy a tasty meal. The whole experience was definitely worthwhile and includes a meal, dessert and an incredible view of Niagara Falls that you truly can’t get anywhere else (except maybe in a helicopter!).


I also spent some time in the city on this trip. There are a lot of attractions, like a wax museum, tons of restaurants and a fun little bowling alley. We ventured into the Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not Museum one day and ended up spending a good chunk of our day reading all the crazy tales and looking at strange artifacts.

Niagara Falls is a great place with a mixture of attractions that let tourists see the Falls and also keep them entertained while in the city.

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Some brides may get caught up in all of the craziness of planning their wedding and forget to add a bit of themselves to the ceremony and reception. Guests love to see the personalities of the bride and groom shine through on their wedding day. These five ways to add a personal touch to your wedding are easy and sure to impress!

1. Incorporate a couple signature drinks into the menu.

Give your guests the opportunity to taste your favorite drinks by personalizing the drinks at your wedding. Having a few different options for signature drinks allows the guests to choose what they think they’ll enjoy most. Signature drinks are also a great conversation starter between guests!


2. Add a hint of your personality to your outfit for the day.

Not only will it make you happier in the moment, but it will also be great to look back on wedding pictures and see a bit of yourself in your outfit. 


3. Choose music for your wedding that YOU will love.

This one can be tricky, because couples want to pick music they think their guests will enjoy, while also wanting to pick music they’re interested. If the couple can find a happy medium between the two, it’ll make everyone want to get up and dance!


4. Use your fingerprints in your invites.

This is one way to add a super personal touch to your invitations or save the dates. It’s a simple and sweet gesture that doesn’t need much explanation.


5. Create your own centerpieces with flowers/colors/materials you love.

This is an easy way to personalize one part of the reception. Centerpieces don’t have to be over-the-top extravagant. A bit of color and a pretty arrangement of flowers goes a long way. 


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Okay! I think I’m FINALLY getting a hang of this adult thing. Waking up in the morning every morning isn’t nearly as hard as it used to be and I barely sleep past 11am on weekends— old habits die hard. The most important thing I’ve learned while making this transition from college student to an actual contributing member of society is to not forget who I am. I am 22 years old and a recent grad with a salary job. It’s perfectly acceptable for me to act like a college kid some days and be independent on others.

Now that football season has come upon us again, I’ve been making mini trips to my alma mater almost every weekend. It’s so much fun to be able to go visit my friends that are still in school and continue my life as a Spartan. If you’re having a rough time adjusting to life after graduation, getting alumni tickets to football games creates the perfect opportunity to visit your school during the fall. Recent alumni tickets are often cheaper than tickets sold to general public and it’s cool to experience game days from a non-student perspective. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I get to actually sit during football games instead of standing the entire time in student section!

Visiting every few weekends gives me just what I need when I start to miss college life. I get to have fun for a few hours and feel like I’m back in school, without inferring with my adult responsibilities.


Until next time, XOXO

Jenna Myles

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Brides today are straying away from traditional wedding invites and trying to spice things up, whether it be with color, wording or even the format of the invitation. The invitation the couple chooses is the stepping stone to the theme and personality of the entire wedding. It is the guests’ first glimpse into what’s to come.

One type of nontraditional wedding invitation that has become increasingly popular recently is the digital invitations, or e-vite. Below is a list of pros and cons for choosing to send out e-vites for your wedding day.


The first, and perhaps biggest pro of sending out e-vites is the cost. Paperless Post is one site that lets the user choose colors, design and wording of their invitations before digitally sending them out, and the price per invite is $0.25. This can save the newlyweds an immense amount of money. This is one example of an e-vite from Paperless Post.


On top of being friendly to the wallet, e-vites are also friendly to the environment. Undoubtedly, the more e-vites that are in circulation, the less traditional invitations there will be.

E-vites are also easier than traditional invites to send internationally. This would be useful to couple with family in other countries.


The biggest negative against e-vites is that many feel they are less personal than traditional invitations. In some articles written on the topic, receiving an e-vite to a wedding is actually what caused some guests to not attend.

Aside from e-vites being potentially impersonal, there is the question of whether or not all of your guests will actually check their email, or if they have access to Internet in the first place. This could cause confusion or hurt feelings if someone believes they haven’t been invited.

And of course, the couple should always anticipate glitches or errors that might occur.

Even with all the pros and cons listed above, the choice about wedding invitations is really just what suits you best. So, whether you choose to go the route of e-vites or not, make sure your wedding invitations reflect your personality and make you happy!

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September’s Featured Couple is Elizabeth & Oliver. We hope you love watching their fun beach wedding!

From the Bride:

My husband Oliver is from North Carolina and is where we currently live. I grew up in Michigan. We met as coworkers while training dolphins in Miami. He moved back to North Carolina for a few years and when he found out I was moving to Atlanta (which was only four hours away) he want to start dating.  Six months later we were engaged and did long distance for another year until I moved to be with him. 

Oliver and I were married at the Hard Rock hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Having a destination wedding with Wedit was amazing.  It was a wedding gift from my brother.  Everyone helped out filming on our big day and throughout the weekend.  There are so many things that happen on the day of your wedding that can’t be documented through photographs and we didn’t want an hour long video of us standing at the alter.  The video that Wedit put together for us was a perfect montage. They were great about all of my requests during the editing process.  I would recommend this as a great substitution for a videographer or as a surprise wedding gift!

Thank you Elizabeth & Oliver for sharing your story. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!

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It’s no secret that just staying at home all the time can ruin a good thing. However, going out to the bar all the time can get old too. Here are five fun ways to make staying at home feel like something fresh and new!


credit to eastbrooklyn

1. Play Bartender

Before sitting down to dinner or a movie, why not make a drink for your significant other? Create something on your own or Google a fun recipe that you want to try. But don’t be the judge yourself, make it for your partner. Who knows, you may be the next great mixologist and you don’t even know it yet!

2. Board Already?

I bet if you go into your storage closet you’ll have an old board game like Candyland, Trouble, or Connect Four that you haven’t played in ages. If not, head down to Target or somewhere else close and pick one up. Board games are usually around $10 - $25 and can provide you with fun you thought was only for your 8 year old nephew! Plus what couple doesn’t enjoy a little competition every now and again?

3. Travel

Well not exactly. Throw a twist on the typical dinner and a movie, by having Italian night for example. You can order some pasta, get a nice bottle of wine, and download a movie like The Italian Job or Life is Beautiful.

4. Cooking Together

Nothing can be more fun than cooking a romantic dish together. It can be something as big as Roasted Duck or as small as Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Either way, you’re likely to make a mess out of her, yourself, and your kitchen. That is where all the fun is anyways.

5. Go Camping

In your living room of course. Roll out the sleeping bags, make some s’mores over the stove, and turn off all the lights (light a fire if you have a fireplace). You’ll often find that turning off the noise of the TV and computer can allow you to reconnect in a way that you never thought possible. Good conversation and stories, fun, and marshmallows are all you need to bring the great outdoors in.

- Justin

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The white wedding dress trend can be attributed to Queen Victoria, who married Prince Albert in 1840 in a white gown. Since then, the white wedding dress has been linked to purity and innocence and has dominated Western culture. More recently, however, nontraditional wedding dresses have become more and more popular in today’s wedding scene. Brides are experimenting with color, length and even the type of dress they choose for their big day. Keira Knightley, Olivia Palermo and Jessica Biel are just some of the numerous celebrities that have opted to be a part of this wedding trend. Check out some of our favorite nontraditional wedding dress looks below!


In a world of floor length dresses, tea length wedding dresses are a short and sweet trend that still has a chic and sophisticated look. Add colorful heels or jewelry to complete this look.


Blush is one color that has begun to take over as a wedding dress trend. The soft pink color adds a romantic feel to a bride’s look. Brides have experimented in all colors and patterns - it’s really just about finding what fits your personality!


This look is perfect for the nontraditional bride that’s wants a unique and gorgeous dress. Vintage gowns add something special, especially when the entire bridal party is coordinating.