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Being at home this summer has been a lot easier than I thought it’d be, but now that a lot of my friends are heading back up to Michigan State while I stay here, I’ve been getting a little bored. Lately we’ve had some horrendous weather in the Detroit area so I haven’t been able to exercise outside as much as I’d like to. Luckily, I found a solution.

Planet Rock, an indoor rock climbing gym, just opened up less than a mile from where I live and I figured I’d give it a try. Planet Rock has an amazingly-affordable starter package that includes the price of admission for two days, rental of all the gear you need, and a quick course on how to rock climb/ belay properly. 

Admittedly, I was a little afraid once the course started and I realized I pretty much had my boyfriend’s life resting in my weak arms but the staff was extremely helpful and friendly which helped erase my fears. It was honestly one of the best exercise experiences I’ve ever tried! You get a great upper body and cardio workout without even realizing you’re working hard. (Although I will say I’m still sore a few days out)

I’d recommend spending a day trying out rocking climbing to anyone that’s interested in a fun way to work out without going to a traditional gym or needing to be outdoors. To find a gym like Planet Rock near you, just google local rock climbing gyms and I’m sure you’ll get some hits. Even if the closest location is a little bit of a drive from you, trust me when I say it’s definitely worth it. 



Jenna Myles

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Every other week, we will be introducing you to one of our amazing team members.

This week, meet Jenna, the communications specialist here at Wedit.


Hometown: Madison Heights, MI

Favorite food: Anything from Chipotle

If I could meet one person (dead or alive), it would be: Ellen Degeneres

Favorite quote: "Be so good they can’t ignore you" -Steve Martin

I spend most of my free time doing this: Playing soccer, napping, watching Frozen and Finding Nemo, pretending to be crafty

The biggest item on my bucket list is: Go to a World Cup

Hidden talent: I can score a goal in soccer from 45 yards out

If I could have any superpower, it would be: Teleporting

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Dinner and a movie can get old and expensive! Often doing the same old date can cause any relationship to get stale and boring. Not everyone wants to spend $150 on concert and sports tickets, so for the budget minded daters, I present 7 great ideas that are friendly to your dating life and your wallet.

1. Watching the Stars

Take your significant other for an evening drive out to a small city and just look up at the stars. See who can find Orion or the North Star first! You’ll enjoy each other and not have to worry about hustle and bustle of bars and nightclubs. Parks are always the best, and offer peace and quiet that you just can’t get downtown.

Cost: ~ $10 in Gas

2. Game Night

Go back to the days of middle school, braces, and spin the bottle. You probably have 5 or 6 games already in your closet, and if you have to buy one for the evening, they are rather inexpensive. A game of Jenga, Scrabble, or Phase 10 is great way to spend the evening. 

Cost: $5 - $25

3. Trivia

Check your local pub; many bars offer a trivia night. It’s a great way to get out of the house and have some fun. A couple pints, an appetizer and laughs, going out for trivia night is an easy fun way to use your brain and possibly win some prizes as well!

Cost: $20 - $35


4. Walking the Park

An easy way to kill two hours. This is always a perfect way to get to know somebody, while enjoying scenery along the way. Many cities also host music nights and other free events in their bigger parks.

Cost: $0

5. No Drive Drive-In

Grab your laptop and go make an evening that feels more memorable than the local drive in. Simply download a movie off of iTunes onto your laptop, hop in the car and park under the stars. You can take a couple foldable chairs with you, or if you have a SUV or Truck, a couple sleeping bags in the bed under the stars is a near perfect date.

Cost: $10 - $15

6. Play Tourist

You may have lived in a certain area for years now, but there are often surrounding cities that you have never visited. Some within a 15 minute
drive probably. So Google what fun things there may be to do, or simply drive there and walk around. You’ll be shocked what you may find.

Cost: ~ $10 - $15 in Gas

7. Cook Off

Spending the evening cooking a meal together can be quite romantic. However, adding a twist to it can spice things up, literally. Try having a
cook off where you each cook an entree and then judge whose is best! Once a winner is declared and bragging has commenced, enjoy both meals with each other. Top it off with a bartending contest if you dare! A great cocktail can always make dinner that much better!

Cost: $25 in Ingredients


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August's Featured Couple- Monica & Colleen from Wedit on Vimeo.

August’s Featured Couple is Colleen & Monica. We hope you love watching their beautiful Indian inspired wedding!

The Brides: Colleen Ryan & Monica Elise Davis

How We Met: This story varies based on which one us you ask :) We went to law school together and we studied for the California bar exam together (not very romantic) and became closer friends. Fast forward several months, and we realized that we had something special and that we were really more than friends.

Our Engagement Story: We went for a hike in Calistoga and stopped on a rock overlooking Napa Valley to eat the sandwiches we packed. At the end of lunch, Colleen pulled out a ring with a big goofy smile and proposed. Monica then pulled out a ring for Colleen. Apparently, we both thought it was the right day to get engaged!

Our Wedding Day: Our wedding day was magical - the weather was perfect and it felt like we were surrounded by so much love from our friends and family. It was only a handful of weeks before our wedding day that it became legally possible for us to get married in California. It felt that much more special.

Why we picked Wedit: At first we weren’t going to do any videos but Wedit was at a great price point and gave us the ability to capture the important moments and some of the more casual moments.

Thank you Monica & Colleen for sharing your story. We wish you nothing but happiness!

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Bars at wedding don’t have to be just for alcohol. This is one wedding trend that is becoming more and more popular as “DIY” food tables take over. Whether it’s for dessert, an appetizer or the main course, a food bar is a great way to give your guests the opportunity to eat what they like, and skip what they don’t. Check out these ten food bar ideas that have us drooling!

1. Waffle bar

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Make it healthy by topping your waffles with fruit, or go crazy with hot fudge and sprinkles!

2. Grilled cheese bar

A grilled cheese bar to bring you back to your childhood (except with a few more ingredients)!

3. Yogurt and parfait bar

Create a healthy and delicious parfait with yogurt, granola and fresh fruit. This is perfect for children at a wedding, or as a healthy alternative for dessert.

4. Popcorn bar

Everyone loves popcorn, especially when you can season it yourself! Go crazy or stay traditional with this popcorn bar!

5. Taco bar

Yum! We are loving the idea of build-your-own tacos, but we might not be able to leave this bar all night!

6. Doughnut and dippings bar

A doughnut bar with multiple dipping sauces sounds just about perfect, and is a great alternative to the normal wedding desserts.

7. Omelette bar

We wish we could eat at an omelette bar every morning! Guests pick their favorite ingredients and the chef grills it up for them!

8. Mashed potatoes bar

Mashed potato bars are becoming more and more popular recently, and we understand why! Create your own delicious side of mashed potatoes complete with toppings.

9. Trail mix bar

This bar just sounds like it fits perfectly at an outdoor wedding. Munch on some tasty trail mix of your own making during the reception!

10. Hot chocolate bar

This bar is absolutely perfect for a cold-weather wedding. Warm up with this adorable and delicious hot chocolate bar.

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The tradition of celebrating an anniversary with a certain material or object is said to have began around 600 years ago in Germanic Europe. Since then, there have been numerous twists on these traditions. If you follow the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, check out this list of their meaning and a suggestion of something special to get your partner!

1. Paper

The first anniversary is traditionally symbolized by paper. Some suggest that paper represents the delicate nature of a young marriage, while others say the first year is like a new beginning, or clean sheet of paper. There are many different routes you can go with this theme - a journal, love note or tickets to a show. One idea is to frame your wedding vows, or frame the first dance lyrics. After hanging this on the wall in your home, it will be a constant reminder of your special day.


2. Cotton

Cotton has traditionally been used to signify the second wedding anniversary. It is meant to suggest the need for a marriage to stay strong and be able to adapt to changes. Some common gift ideas for the second anniversary include a robe, bath or hand towels or a T-shirt. Personalizing the T-shirt with your spouse’s favorite band or sports team can make the gift even better.

3. Leather

Leather represents the durability of a marriage. Leather is also strong, flexible and resilient. These are all qualities that a couple can strive for and celebrate on their third anniversary. Really anything made of leather would work for the third year. If your spouse loves to write or stay organized, a leather-bound journal would be a good idea.


4. Fruit/flowers

The theme of the fourth wedding anniversary is the renewal of life. This is represented by fruit and flowers. Gift ideas for this theme include potted plants, floral scented perfume or a bouquet of flowers. To take it to the next level, a recreation of the wedding bouquet would be a starting point to reminisce on this day four years earlier.

5. Wood

The strength of your marriage is signified by giving a wooden gift on the fifth anniversary. One idea that is particularly meaningful would be to plant a tree together and watch it grow over the years. Whether it’s in the backyard, in a park, or somewhere else that has meaning to the both of you, this gift will live on.


6. Candy/Iron

The sixth wedding anniversary has two different symbols associated with it. Iron is meant to represent the strength of the marriage while candy represents the “sweetness of being in love.” Iron kitchenware is a practical and durable anniversary gift. If you’re looking to sweeten things up, an array of six different types of candy or chocolate would accomplish the job.

7. Wool/Copper

Seven years of marriage brings comfort and warmth to the couple, which is represented by wool. Traditionally, copper represents good luck and good fortune. A great purchase for your significant other on the seventh wedding anniversary is a warm blanket or article of clothing made of wool. If you’re feeling especially inspired, try knitting a scarf yourself!


8. Pottery/Bronze

A piece of pottery begins as a lump of clay that gets formed into something beautiful. After eight years, a couple has shaped their marriage similarly. Bronze is a strong material that is made by combining copper and tin, just as a marriage is made strong by the joining of two individuals. A crafty person would use this opportunity to show off their pottery-making skills. Another suggestion for the less crafty individual would be a new ceramic sculpture for the garden.

9. Willow/Pottery

Pottery can also represent the ninth wedding anniversary. Along with this is willow, which represents something that is long-lasting. A meaningful gift idea for this anniversary is a small wicker basket full of your partner’s favorite things. If you want to splurge, purchase wicker outdoor furniture.


10. Tin/Aluminum

Ten years is sure something to celebrate in your marriage. Tin and aluminum represent how a marriage needs to be flexible and is able to bend without breaking. For this anniversary, make your spouse their favorite cookies or brownies and present them to him/her in a cute tin.

Whether you use any of these suggestions to celebrate your anniversary or not, it is sure to be a memorable day as long as you are together!

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As my belly continues to grow I find it more and more difficult to look and feel good in what I am wearing. This dilemma became even more evident when an invitation for a wedding came in the mail. Do I try to squeeze into a dress that my pre pregnancy body had worn or do I go out and buy a new dress just for this affair? I do not plan on making a career of birthing babies and did not want to go out and buy a dress I would wear once. So I was stuck to peruse my closet. I wanted a material that would stretch to accommodate my belly or a flowy silhouette to flatter my curves, something breathable to make sure I do not get too hot, and obviously something that I felt good in.

This is what I came up with

If you are not able to find something by shopping your closet try borrowing something from a new mom in your circle of friends or look into renting. There are many sites like these that offer affordable options.

However if you do need to buy a dress remember these tips.

  • Stick to Traditional Colors as they can be worn more places and in different seasons.
  • Patterns can be cute, but also can become dated so quickly. If you plan on being able to wear this dress again choose solids.
  • Black is always slimming
  • Statement Pieces like a bold jewelry choice or bright clutch can draw the focus away from trouble spots

Most important of all whatever you choose to wear remember, you are sporting the cutest accessories of all, your baby bump.

xoxo Alex & Baby Katz

25 Weeks

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Summer is all about being outside and embracing nature. One trend that fits perfectly into a summer wedding is adding flowers to a bridal hairstyle. Whether a bride chooses an updo, half up and half down, or completely down, flowers are perfect for a more casual and romantic look. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to add flowers to a bridal hairstyle! Click on each picture to be redirected to the look on Pinterest!


We love this tiny addition of baby’s breath to a waterfall braid. The hairstyle is already gorgeous, and the small flowers add just a touch of something special. The Baby’s Breath is such an intimate detail that it is perfect for the bride that doesn’t want her floral hairstyle to stand out too much.


A flower wreath is made for the boho chic bride. This look is earthy and inspiring. Not only does it look amazing in pictures, but it also gives the bride a relaxed, free spirit-esque feel.


A single flower is elegant, and we love the simplicity of it! This look complements the wedding dress perfectly and could perhaps balance out a hairstyle. Or, a single flower can be added if the bride feels like something is just missing from her hair!

Whichever way a bride chooses to incorporate flowers into her bridal hairstyle, it is sure to bring a whimsical and romantic feel to her wedding day!

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One of my great adventures took place when I was 10 years old when my family took a weeklong trip out west to explore some places we’d never been.

We flew into Las Vegas and stayed there for two days, staying at Circus Circus and The FlamingoSeeing that my parents had a 10-year-old and 13-year-old with them, they couldn’t do the normal Vegas excursions. Instead, we swam in the hotel pools, went to Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden to see their white tigers and went to the circus at midnight.

After leaving Vegas, we made our way to a string of national parks in the area. We started with the Grand Canyon. My mom was too terrified to let me walk by myself, so I hiked halfway down the canyon holding her hand. There really is nothing more breathtaking than looking out at the Grand Canyon from the top.


Then we went to Zion National Park and did a horseback trail ride. The horses went up and down and through shallow creeks. Crossing the water on horseback was one of the most memorable moments of that whole trip for me. If you ever find yourself in the southwestern United States, I would recommend not to pass Zion up. You can read more about horseback trail rides in the park here.

I loved the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, but my favorite place on this trip by far was Bryce Canyon National Park. The National Park Service describes Bryce Canyon as a “cave without a roof” and “forest of stone.” There really is no description better than just seeing it for yourself. The hoodoos (pillars of rock formed from massive erosion over time) are marvelous. If you look closely at this picture, you can see me and my family standing near the bottom. This will give you an idea of how large the hoodoos are. I would love to go back to Bryce Canyon someday.


The last stop on our trip was The Hoover Dam. We went on a tour of the dam and had to wear hardhats the whole time. I remember thinking that wearing the hardhat was so cool. The sheer size of the dam was more than I could take it at ten years old, so I would love to see it again.

Even if you did only one of the aspects of this trip (Las Vegas, the national parks, the Hoover Dam), you’d be thrilled with the sights. I would highly recommend these places to families of all ages!

Stay tuned!


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Every other week, we will be introducing you to one of our amazing team members. 

This week, meet Kristen, an editing intern here at Wedit.


Hometown: Livonia, MI

Favorite food: Pickles!

If I could meet one person (dead or alive), it would be: Diana Manfredi A.K.A Spaghetto

Favorite quote: “Silent people have the loudest minds.”

I spend most of my free time doing this: Shopping or filming/creating

The biggest item on my bucket list is: To go to the Burning Man Festival

Hidden talent: I can pogo stick 1183 times consecutively

If I could have any superpower, it would be: Freezing time